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Museum "house of the sailor"

Photos and description

The oldest wooden building in Oulu - Mately House or captain's House was once known as the customs house Liminka. It was built in 1739г. and up to 80th years of XVIII-th century. was on a city street. Subsequently, the house was restored and moved to the island Pikisaari.

The Museum is open to the public since 1989. and represents the typical house of a sailor at that time. Here you can see the everyday life of ordinary sailors, including the life of Isaac Matile, in whose honor the Museum got its name.

For example, the Navy had circulated a rather interesting tradition. Every house on the window sill stood 2 porcelain figures of dogs. When the owner was home, the dogs were turned back to the window, and when the owner was in swimming, the dog was looking out the window. Thus, passing by the house man it was enough to cast the window look who came to know where is now head of the family.

For tourists, the Museum “house of the sailor” opens its doors from may to September.