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The old Church of Messukyla

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The old Church of Messukyla, built of grey stone, is a typical example of a medieval Finnish Church architecture. This Church, built in the 15th - 16th centuries, is the oldest building in Tampere is quite young: the Church is almost twice as old as the city itself. It is established that the stone building was erected on the site of a wooden Church, presumably dedicated to Saint Olavi, whose image is still possible to see here.

Over its long history, the Old Church has gone through many UPS and downs. In the 1600s, its walls were decorated with paintings that can be seen to this day. The bells were bought. However, in 1879y., when construction is completed on the new town Church, the Old Church was forgotten and used as storage for grain.

At the beginning of the XX century. the Church was repaired and restored to service. The medieval atmosphere that reigns inside the building is the Old Church of Messukyla popular among tourists. However, due to the lack of heating its doors are open only between may to August.