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Museum "Pukkila"

Photos and description

Museum "Pekkala" is located in Rovaniemi on the banks of the Kemijoki river, 35 km from the city centre, where at the end of the previous century.there was the manor of Pukkila, preserved to our days. Buildings on the estate - two sheds, a barn and a main building was purchased in 1957. The Association of local heritage. And in 1959. the Museum opened its doors to the public.

In the Museum “Pukkila” reproduced the conditions of life of the population of Northern Finland XIX-XX centuries Here are the main traditional occupations such as fishing and farming, including herding, and hunting. At the exhibition held in the barn, visitors can see an interesting exhibition of photographs telling about the features of national crafts, the development of the food industry and the history of the city.

The Museum is open from June to August.