/ / The Abbey of Bonneval: photo description (Abbaye Notre-Dame de Bonneval)

The Abbey of Bonneval: photo description (Abbaye Notre-Dame de Bonneval)

The Abbey of Bonneval is located in the French Department of Aveyron, region of MIDI - Pyrenees. It was founded in 1147, but the original buildings remained quite a bit.

The monastery located in a picturesque place, surrounded by forested hills. No wonder he was given the name "Bonneval", which in French is translated: "good valley".

Originally this monastery was a Cistercian, moreover, it is one of the earliest monasteries, since the order was founded in 1098. Abbey quickly gained a large influence in the region and rich. The highest period of its prosperity comes from the thirteenth century. However, then began a series of misfortunes - first, there was a plague epidemic then broke out, the hundred years war. Peace Treaty signed at Bretigny in 1360, identified the Rouergue region, where the monastery as English territory. Soon the Abbey was occupied and looted.

Since then, the monastery experienced a period of decline. However, even in the XVII century it was considered one of the leading Cistercian monasteries and to accept new novices from across the South West region of France. To the beginning of the French revolution in the convent there are only 13 monks. But in 1791 these were put troops, and they had to leave the Abbey. The place was abandoned and all assets were sold and the buildings themselves began to slowly disassemble the materials.

Only in 1875 the Abbey resumed its activities, now as a convent of trappists. Has done extensive restoration work and even electricity. The nuns founded a chocolate factory, which became quite popular in the country. Now there are about 30 nuns, the oldest of which is almost 100 years old.

Unfortunately, the main temple of the monastery of the XV century, was destroyed and restored only after coming here trappists. However, strong walls and towers, defend the Abbey, are still in XIV century. The most ancient part of the building - the entrance gate with a statue of the virgin of the XII century.

Despite the fact that the Abbey is valid, the Church itself is open for tourist visits. You can also get the protective capacity of the monastery to explore its walls and towers.