/ / The Abbey of La Ferté: photos, description Abbaye de La Ferte)

The Abbey of La Ferté: photos, description Abbaye de La Ferte)

The founder of the Burgundian monastery of La Ferté was Saint Stephen Harding one of the founders of the Cistercian monastic order. Abbey La Ferté was founded only a few decades after the founding of the order and was the second child and the first Cistercian monastery of the Abbey of Citeaux.

The Abbey was founded in 1113, a few kilometers from Chalon-sur-Saone (present-day Department of saône et Loire). The activity of Stephen Harding not only contributed to the growth of the influence of the Abbey of La Ferté, but for the whole of the Cistercian order. He was also the Abbot of the Sieve and was the author of the Constitution of the order, which identified the five most important monasteries of the Cistercians. In addition to a Sieve and La Ferté, this number was part of the Abbey of Clairvaux, Pontigny and Marimon.

The first of the monastic buildings in the early XII century was built the Church, the refectory, the buildings for monks and novices. Construction continued into the next century, and the beginning of the XV century the whole complex was walled and surrounded by a moat.

During the religious wars of the XVI century part of the monastic buildings were burned, in order to restore the Abbey, was sold some of his land. Thanks to this, the Church was reconstructed by the end of the same century, and in the XVII century was built the deanery, later transformed into the Palace.

During the great French revolution the monastery, as well as some other in France, were sold at auction. The Abbey was in ruins, lost to the Church, other buildings, except the Palace of the Abbot, too, was destroyed. Over time, the vacant Abbey became known as the castle of La Ferté, and in 1993 assumed his remains classified as historical monuments.

The current owner of the castle is restoring the situation of the former house of the Abbot, so in the Palace you can see wall hangings, bas-reliefs, portraits of the owners of the mansion.