/ / Abbey Le-BEC: photo description (Abbaye Notre-Dame du Bec)

Abbey Le-BEC: photo description (Abbaye Notre-Dame du Bec)

The commune of Le BEC-Alleen is the third location of the Abbey of BEC. It was twice transported from one place to another until he settled finally in this little village.

Originally the place where the monastery was founded in the first half of the XI century, there were about Bonneville. But because of no nearby water source, the monastery was moved to the confluence of the Beck and Risl. This area, on the contrary, turned out to be swampy and flooded during the floods, so in the year 1060, the monastery was moved again to its present location.

The founder of the monastery became a Benedictine monk Herluin Briansky, who received the title of Abbot by the Bishop of Lisieux. His successor, the future Archbishop of Canterbury Lafrank sanctified in Le BEC-Allure new Church and opened a school, which soon became very famous, her students were many religious leaders of the middle Ages.

In the XI century the prosperity of the monastery and the growth of its influence contributed to the high Royal patronage of the rulers of England and France. The Abbey received generous donations in money and land holdings, and Lefranc received the title of Archbishop from king William I.

The middle ages was marked by a succession of monastery destruction - first years of the hundred years war, again during the religious wars. And quite "finished off" once flourishing Abbey of the French revolution, during which it was finally closed. In the empty buildings of the monastery until the beginning of the Second world war, housed the army stables, part of the buildings were dismantled for stones, which went to the construction of other buildings.

After the Second world war the Abbey was returned to the Benedictine order, currently it is a functioning monastery. Of the old buildings remained only a few buildings and towers, built in the XVII-XVIII centuries.