/ / The Abbey of Marmoutier: photo, description Abbaye de Marmoutier)

The Abbey of Marmoutier: photo, description Abbaye de Marmoutier)

The Abbey of Marmoutier, located in tours, was one of the most important monasteries of the diocese of Tours. It was founded in the late fourth century Saint Martin of Tours, who was the city's Bishop. St. Martin was highly respected during his lifetime, and today he is honored as the patron Saint of winemakers.

Despite his high rank, Saint Martin lived in a modest cell, which was near one of the city churches. A large flow of people who wanted his blessing, forced the Bishop to leave the Tour and settle in a deserted mountainous terrain (now this place is just three miles from the city limits of modern Tour). With time around, Martin also solitude settled a few dozen people who have built themselves huts or cells hollowed out in the rocks. So there was a monastery called Marmoutier (or Great monastery).

In the middle of the IX century the monastery was looted and burned during the invasion of the Normans. Most of the monks were killed, but the Abbey was restored, and already in the XI century it became one of the richest and most influential in Europe. The monastery also became famous as a cultural centre and a wealth of knowledge in the field of medicine. Feudal wars of the eleventh century caused the monastery of damage, however, by the beginning of the XIII century the monastery was again restored, extending his possessions and built a Basilica. In the second half of the XVI century, during the religious wars, the temple and the monastery suffered at the hands of the Huguenots. During the great French revolution, the temple was converted into the stable, and the monastery was used as a military hospital.

To date, only one to have survived from the gates of the monastery, built in the XIII century, the part of the wall, several towers and small buildings. The remains of the monastery located in the Park Holy Radegonde, one of the biggest in the Round.