/ / Abbey Roncero, photo, description ('abbaye du Ronceray d'angers)

Abbey Roncero, photo, description ('abbaye du Ronceray d'angers)

Abbey Roncero located in the historic center of Angers, about half a mile from the Cathedral of St. Mauritius, but on the other side of Me. The area opposite the castle is called La Dutr (translated "the other side"). Buildings of the Abbey located at the Central square of La Dutra, close to hospital Saint-Jean, which from the twelfth century until the middle of the XIX century served as a hospital for the poor, and now in its walls is a Museum of contemporary tapestry. Currently in one of the buildings of the Abbey nuns live.

The monastery was founded in the year 1028 and was the only female monastery in Angers and one of the largest in the diocese with the monastery of Pontenure. The Abbey was built during the reign of the count of Anjou Fulke III Nerra that, strengthening their ownership, built a lot of castles and other structures.

The Abbey was rebuilt several times - in the 70-ies of the XI century, at the beginning of the XII century. In the XVII-XVIII centuries, in the complex of the Abbey appeared several buildings, including gates of the monumental view from the street, Censere. In the southern part of the Abbey is the Church of the Holy Trinity, built in the XII century.

In the XVI century the monastery was engaged in the production of tapestries, so in our days, near the Abbey is a Museum dedicated to this kind of weaving. It contains known woven work of the XX century "Song of peace" - a Grand cycle, performed by Jean Lyursa a textile artist, who lived in the first half of the last century. In the former orphanage of the Abbey today is located the national school of arts and crafts. The territory of the Abbey also became a venue for art exhibitions and festivals.

The interiors of the Abbey attract tourists with galleries in the Romanesque style with ancient frescoes.