/ / Saint Mary Abbey in Lagrasse: photo description (Abbaye Sainte-Marie de Lagrasse)

Saint Mary Abbey in Lagrasse: photo description (Abbaye Sainte-Marie de Lagrasse)

Abbey of St. Mary is located on the banks of the river'orbe opposite the small town of Lagrasse. Its existence was already known in the eighth century - 779 year it was rebuilt by order of king Charlemagne. Local legend attributed to Carl and the glory of the founder of the monastery: that the king, following from Carcassonne to Narbonne, was found in these places with hermits, witnessed miracles and decided to put here the monastic cloister. However, from a political point of view, the monastery was located exceptionally good part of his possessions was located on the territory of modern Spain.

The patronage of Charlemagne helped the Abbey become one of the most influential monasteries in the South of France. Best times for the Abbey became the IX-XI century. This is a large part of the monastic buildings. In the thirteenth century the Abbot of the monastery Benoit d Alingan and the Abbey itself acted as a mediator in religious conflicts against the Albigenses. The XIV and XV centuries were a period of a weakening of the influence of the monastery, but already in the XVII century the monastery experienced a "Renaissance". A slight rise was associated with the annexation of the Abbey to the congregation of marystow.

During the French revolution the monks were expelled and the monastery closed. It was divided into two parts and was sold in different lots. Currently, the monastery remain in possession of different owners.

One lot was a large part of the monastery is about three quarters of the buildings and grounds. This includes the cloister and the Church. This portion was temporarily used as a military hospital. Several times attempts were made to resume the activities of the monastery, but none of them were successful. At the end of last century this part had become a family Praise and began restoration work. A couple of years ago, the monastery still renewed spiritual life, after the acquisition of the Abbey monastic community.

The owner of the smaller part of the Abbey today is a state on its territory is located the chapel, dormitory and part of the Church.