/ / The Abbey of Saint-Jean-des-Vignes: photo, description Abbaye Saint-Jean-des-Vignes)

The Abbey of Saint-Jean-des-Vignes: photo, description Abbaye Saint-Jean-des-Vignes)

Today, the Abbey of St. John in the city of Soissons looks like a grim and picturesque ruins. In the Middle ages it was the largest and one of the first religious centers of France. The monastery not only praying, but also involved in education, treatment and winemaking: when the Abbey was created a male College and hospital, as well as vineyards.

The Abbey was founded in the second half of the XI century at the behest of Duke Hugh the Great. Place for it was chosen as the hill, located near Soissons. The construction of monastic buildings lasted until the XVI century. The latter was built two towers, which can still be seen above a crumbling facade.

The decline of the once powerful and flourishing of the monastery occurred in the years of the great French revolution. The treasures of the Abbey were kidnapped, transported and sold, and buildings were destroyed. The first was taken the stained glass and the construction of buildings made of iron. What was left continued to pull apart, using the stone to build other houses. To date, only preserved remains of the Western façade, two galleries and the former canteen building.

If the monastic complex was restored, the visitors of Soissons could admire its high pointed arches, stained-glass window-rose above the Central portal of the temple, statues of Catholic saints and a blend of Romanesque and Gothic styles.

At present in the surviving part of the monastery are scientific organizations that are engaged in archaeological researches and the study of Romanesque painting.