/ / The Abbey of Saint-Michel-de-Frigolet: photos, description Abbaye Saint-Michel de Frigolet)

The Abbey of Saint-Michel-de-Frigolet: photos, description Abbaye Saint-Michel de Frigolet)

The monastery of Saint-Michel-de-Frigolet is located a few kilometers from the cities Tarantin and Barbentane, and the Abbey is valid. Now it belongs to the Premonstratensian, an ancient monastic order, founded in the early XII century and named from the monastery of Prémontrés in Picardy.

In its history the monastery of Saint-Michel belonged to different orders - Benedictine, Augustinian, a major contribution to recovery made in the seventeenth century the brothers of the order of St. Jerome (jerónimos), who lived until the beginning of the French revolution. The Premonstratensian became owners of the monastery in the second half of the XIX century.

The founder of the Abbey became the First, who ruled Burgundy in the X century. The prefix to the name of "Frigolet Abbey was in honor of Provencal herbs - thyme, which grew in abundance on the slopes around the monastery. In the XIV century the Abbey fell into disrepair and remained in that condition until the arrival of jerónimos.

During the revolution the monks were expelled from the Abbey, a rich monastery library was burned during the fire, and the Abbey itself was closed. A few years later there was opened a College, which occupied the Abbey buildings up to 40-ies of the XIX century. One of the famous pupils of this institution was the poet Frederic Mistral, the provençal dialect of the promoter, winner of the Nobel prize.

The Abbey of Saint-Michel-de-Frigolet is also associated with the name of another French writer Alphonse Daudet. In one of his works on Tartarin of Tarascon was described historical events, the center of which was the monastery. In 1880, in these places there was peasant unrest caused by the government's decision on the closure of a number of monasteries, including Saint-Michel. The peasants were pacified with the help of soldiers, but to save the convent from closure failed. The monks were expelled some years later they returned to the monastery, but in the beginning of the last century were expelled again. Their last return to the walls of the monastery took place in 1923.

To architectural features of the Abbey include the Church of St-Michel, built in the XII century and the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception of the virgin Mary XIX century.