/ / The Abbey of Saint-Aubin: photo, description Abbaye Saint-Aubin d'angers)

The Abbey of Saint-Aubin: photo, description Abbaye Saint-Aubin d'angers)

The Abbey of Saint-Aubin (St Albinus) with its medieval bell tower is located near the main attractions of Angers Cathedral of St Maurice and close to Museum of fine arts.

For the construction of the monastery of the Benedictine monks chose the place over the tomb of St. Albinus, Bishop of Angers, born in the late fifth century and who led the local congregation in 529. Day his memory is celebrated on 1 March. Before the construction of the monastery in the sixth century there was built a Basilica. In the XVII century the monastery passed to marista - it is called the academic division of the order of the Benedictines, named after St Maurus, to prepare teachers of theology for schools of the order and uttering religious books. Maurity engaged in the rebuilding of the Abbey in the late seventeenth century and the first third of the XVIII century. Evidence of this period in the history of the monastery is the Grand staircase, the sacristy, decorated with panels of wood, the hall of the Chapter. From the earlier, Roman period preserved the unique frescoes discovered in the first half of the nineteenth century.

In the early nineteenth century, the majority of the Abbey was demolished during the construction of the town square Michel Debre. The remaining premises were adapted for the needs of the Prefecture. Also preserved bell tower, built in the XII century. With a height of 54 meters in the Middle ages it served as a watchtower and was built like a fortress - it had loopholes, and even its own well. Today, the building towers above the other buildings.

In the XIX century the tower lost the bells and roof, in the twentieth century within its walls housed the Museum and meteorological Observatory. Today, there are exhibitions of works of art. The tower is a national historic monument since 1862.