/ / Abbey St-Amand: photo, description Abbaye de Saint-Amand)

Abbey St-Amand: photo, description Abbaye de Saint-Amand)

The Abbey of Saint-Amand is located in the territory of the commune of Saint-Amand-Les-Eaux, which formed around the monastery was called in those days Elnono. Some of the major cities is Tour.

The founder of the monastery became Amand - local Saint who lived here in the first half of VII century. Amand was a monk-a Benedictine and preached the teachings of Christ on the territory of modern Belgium. As the Bishop of Maastricht, Amand founded several monasteries, including in Alone in which he died. Saint Amand is the patron Saint of winemakers and brewers. When Haman was opened a convent school.

He founded the monastery during the Carolingian became the largest in Europe, the scriptorium, where they copied religious books and philosophical treatises. One of these manuscripts, created in Saint-Aman, was the text of "Song of Louis" found in the 70-ies of XVII century on the pages of the Latin translation of the work of one of the fathers of the Church, theologian and Archbishop Gregory of Nazianzus. The text was praised Louis for his victory over the Normans and was recognized as the oldest monument of literature in German language. This manuscript dates from the late ninth century.

In the IX century the monastery was subjected to raids by the Normans and was destroyed. Again it was burned in the years of the hundred years war. The appearance of the monastery, parts of which survived until our days, was built in the XVII century in the reign of Abbot Nicolas Dubois.

During the great French revolution when the Abbey was closed, was lost its unique library. In the buildings of the monastery housed the city court, now in its walls is located the Museum exposition, in particular, in the former bell tower houses the Museum of faience.