/ / Abbey Saint-Ouen: photo, description Abbaye Saint-Ouen de Rouen)

Abbey Saint-Ouen: photo, description Abbaye Saint-Ouen de Rouen)

Beauty and the size of the former collegiate Church of Saint-Ouen competes with the very the Cathedral of Rouen. Among the most notable features of the Church built in the style of "flaming Gothic" referred to a beautiful stained glass pattern and on the XIX century, created by the wizard Aristide kavajë-Split.

The Church is named after Saint Odon (Ouen), who during his life was the local Bishop (seventh century), and included in the complex of the Benedictine Abbey of Saint Ouen. The Abbey itself has long recognized as a national historic landmark and is an outstanding example of Gothic architecture. Besides, it's one of the main historical attractions of Rouen.

The monastery was founded in the mid-sixth century and was dedicated to St. Peter. In Normandy, Rouen, the monastery was considered one of the most powerful as long as 840 years of the Abbey was not devastated during the raids of the Normans.

At the end of XI century on the ground of the Abbey was restored Church, built in the days of the Carolingians. At the same time she received a gift of relics of several saints, which were stored within its walls. In 1126 this also moved the relics of St. Odon. In the beginning of XIV century in Rouen, construction began on the Church in the Gothic style - the work was not proceeding quickly, they were suspended the events of the hundred years war, so the construction of the nave was only finished at the beginning of the XVI century.

Since the beginning of the nineteenth century and currently part of the former monastery is the city of Rouen, and the Church building serves as a concert hall and exhibition area.

Part of the Church buildings are decorated with medallions depicting scenes from the life of St. Odon. In the Church, there are eleven chapels, and built near the bell tower, which reaches more than 80 meters. Height of Church arches over 30 meters and the length of the building is 134 meters. Every window in the Church building is the stained glass painting, created in the XIV-XV century.