/ / Abbey Silvacane: photos, description (Abbaye de Silvacane)

Abbey Silvacane: photos, description (Abbaye de Silvacane)

One of the oldest Cistercian monasteries of Provence, Silvacane currently is not valid, but serves as a venue for cultural events, particularly concerts and festivals of classical music. Together with the Abbey at sénanque and Thoronet Silvacane included in the famous "trio" of monasteries, which is also called "the three provençal sisters."

Silakan monastery was founded in 1144 by the monks from the morimond Abbey - one of the five most important monasteries of the Cistercian order, along with the Abbey of Citeaux. A period of prosperity and wellbeing in Silvacane did not last long - only until the middle of the XV century, when the Abbey was subjected to an armed RAID on the part of Orbignyana. One hundred years later the monastery was closed and remained empty until the French revolution. In the era of the desolation of the monastery buildings were transferred to the Cathedral Chapter of the city of AIX and the Church of Silvacane became a regular parish Church of the town of La Roque-d Antheron.

During the revolution the monastery buildings were sold under the hammer and are adapted for agricultural farm. From the further destruction of the remains of the Abbey was saved by the intervention of prosper Merimee, by which the state acquired the former monastery Church, gave it the status of a monument and conducted the restoration. Other buildings of the convent the state bought after the Second world war and the end of the last century had significant restoration.

During the tour of the monastery you can see the cloister, the Chapter house, the Romanesque Church with Gothic elements and the refectory. Latest on the background of strict and laconic buildings looks more attractive - the refectory was built later, when the rules of life in the monastery was a little less strict, so it was embellished with some Gothic décor.