/ / Automotive Museum: photos, description (Cite de l'automobile)

Automotive Museum: photos, description (Cite de l'automobile)

Automobile Museum in Mulhouse is one of Europe's largest collections of vintage cars. It is located on the outskirts of town in the hangar and consists of three huge halls, where some 600 cars are 98 brands, including the most famous - Mercedes, Renault, Ferrari, Maserati. Most of the collection (about 150) make cars "Bugatti", which, in fact, started the collection of this Museum.

The first car in this collection appeared in the collection of the brothers Shlumpf even before the Second world war. Brothers owned textile production and, thanks to the successful state of Affairs in the entire textile industry, could afford to buy rare cars and restore them. After the Second world war, they were able to buy a lot of cars "Bugatti", including the personal collection of the founder of this brand, Ettorio Bugatti, as well as meeting other collectors. Of most interest to Giovanni and Fritz Schlumpf presented cars, produced in the period from 1878 to the mid-twentieth century.

However, in 70-e years of the crisis in the textile industry have shaken the well-being of brothers Shlumpf, and they themselves were forced to flee to Switzerland. In their car the hangar where they kept the cars, and were working to restore them, broke workers. To save a unique collection and vandalism, in the hangar, opened the Museum. There were many willing to buy part of a fabulous collection dear brothers Shlumpf, so the state took her under his wing, giving it the status of a historical monument.

In 2000, the Museum was renovated and the collection was divided into three thematic parts: the history of the car, history of car racing and the masterpieces of world automotive industry.

In addition, in the Museum you can see the cars, the owners of which were of celebrities, e.g. Charlie Chaplin, Elvis Presley and Sophia Loren. Also here a large collection of figurines, which were installed on the car hoods, a collection of children's cars, there is a stand dedicated to Assembly production.