/ / Automotive Museum: photos, description (Musee automobile Reims Champagne)

Automotive Museum: photos, description (Musee automobile Reims Champagne)

Automobile Museum in Reims was created in order to learn about the history of the French automotive industry to the residents and guests of the city were the most clear and informative.

In Reims this Museum is located on Avenue Georges Clemenceau, he works since 1985. The Museum houses around two hundred cars and motorcycles, mostly French brands Renault, Peugeot and Citroen. The collection of the Museum included the cars from the private collection of the famous avtodizayner Philippe Charbonneau. The oldest car in the Museum was created in the early twentieth century. Of the cars stored in the Museum belongs to the Association of mechanics and car enthusiasts, but the company manages by the Museum, so all the pieces are in good condition.

Of the car museums of France, Reims is considered to be the fifth by number of exhibits.

Among the vehicles presented here, there are cars and sports cars, the machines that were in the service at fire stations or police stations. Separate the cars from the Second world war, two-wheeled transport, including models of foreign production (Germany, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland), as well as pedal cars, which was set in motion with his feet, and miniature replicas - the number amounts to several thousand pieces, and copies were made of various materials, including alabaster, and even flour.

Among the legendary cars, you can see cars Renault AG1 so-called "taksi" Marne;. With six and a half hundred of these cars that was in the service of the taxis of Paris in September 1914 to the place of fighting on the river Marne was taken by the French soldiers, who repelled the onslaught of the German troops.