/ / The Aquaboulevard water Park: photo description (Aquaboulevard)

The Aquaboulevard water Park: photo description (Aquaboulevard)

That's really what you expect from the Paris - still not a resort town, but there is a water Park, one of the largest in Europe. It would seem a little strange to spend time in Paris, not in museums or Hiking, and water fun, but the place is very popular tourists, especially with children, to relax from the mandatory program.

Paris Expo occupies 7,000 square meters and is located in the South-West of Paris, just outside the ring road (Boulevard Péripherique). Most of the space under the roof (there at any time of the year is supported by a smooth comfortable temperature of air and water), but outdoors also has a pool, and even sandy beaches.

The youngest happily climb into the belly of the whale Jonah. The thirty-meter-long model of a blue whale, conceived by Jacques-Yves Cousteau, made in natural size. The kids are astonished to find the ion in the internal organs and the baby, studying them and slowly and safely descend on a gently sloping hill to the pool. Parents in China also allowed.

For senior there are a lot of ordinary pleasures - waterfalls, geysers, fountains, spas, hot tubs, giant Jacuzzi, artificial waves, "river", slides of different length and steepness. There is a hill, which rolls down in 15 seconds, for 6 and even faster (the name of one - Camicaze" - speaks for itself). Some slides you can go down in the circles, enclosing a few people. Everyone's favorite attraction - the pool regularly is a sea wave, this prevents the audio signal.

Those who have had enough of enough and navyseals on the roller coaster, you can relax in the sauna. Got some here - traditional, bio, Hammam; in the same area - pool with cold water, contrast shower, relaxation room. There is a swimming pool for water aerobics, Solarium, fitness classes, gyms, six indoor and one outdoor tennis court and squash courts. Of course, there are several eateries and restaurants, but the presence of fourteen cinemas with Dolby sound still surprising. It seems that in the "Aquaboulevard" you can spend the whole day, and is open from 9 am to midnight.