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The Aqualand water Park: photo description (Aqualand)

Water Park "Aqualand" is situated in the French city of Frejus, Provence - Alpes - côte d'azur. It is a popular seaside resort to the West of Cannes, famous for its sandy beaches. It should be noted that the town has a rich history - it was founded BC by Julius Caesar. There is also the oldest building not only of Provence, but of France the Cathedral of St. Leontius Majuscula, built in the V century.

In addition to sightseeing Fréjus offers other activities, including active. Here there are many entertainment complexes, and water parks. One of them is called Aqualand (Aqualand) and it is located South of Central district of the city.

Among the proposed water rides it is worth noting a variety of water slides, including the famous "Black hole" (Black Hole), which is suitable only for people with nerves of steel. For high speed fans are available slides, which are called "Crazy race" (Crazy Race). Another slide creates the illusion of movement on rough mountain river with treacherous rapids (Rapid Rafting). It is also worth noting the newest attractions designed for fans of adrenaline - Twister (Twister), king Cobra (King Cobra), "Anaconda" (Anaconda) and "Niagara" (Niagara). However, most water slides are designed exclusively for family visits and ideal for children's entertainment. One of them is called "Children's Paradise" (Children's Paradise).

Also, the water Park has several pools, including a heated Bubble Bath). In this pool you can feel like an ancient Roman holiday in the famous ancient baths - the baths. The other pool equipped with means for injecting artificial waves, and you can do a mini-surfing (Surf Beach).

The complex offers many leisure areas, restaurants and cafeterias. It should be noted that, as this water Park is situated outdoors, it is possible to visit only in the warmer months of the year, and by mid-autumn it is closed.