/ / The Aquariaz water Park: photo description (Aquariaz)

The Aquariaz water Park: photo description (Aquariaz)

The Aquariaz water Park is considered one of the highest parks in the world. The fact that it is located at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level near the ski resort Avoriaz in the French Alps.

Included in the Avoriaz ski area of Portes-du-Soleil and has a reputation of the resort is quite suitable for families with children. Therefore, the opening in Avoriaz in the summer of 2012 the Park of water attractions was very helpful - water "procedure" added to the list of options for relaxing après-ski, taking the place among other excursions - trips to dog-sledding and paragliding.

The area of the Park is 2,400 square meters, which recreated fragments of tropical forests, caves and grottos. To create this exotic environment was brought tropical plants from Cambodia. In total, the Park grow about a thousand plants and approximately two hundred trees, which, except under the roof, at the latitude of the French Alps just would not stick.

The space of the Park consists of three zones, each with its own special attractions designed for visitors of all ages. In one of these zones contains all the coolest roller coaster with a height of about 10 meters, and secondly fountains and geysers, the bathers here pour out water guns and huge buckets. There is also a large wading pool. The third area offers a climbing wall length of 10 meters and a Central pool with a 50-santimetrovy "shallow" for the kids.

The water Park is also possible after the extreme water rides to take a breather in the break room with views of the surrounding mountains, soak in the Spa pool, dine in the cafe. There is also a Jacuzzi on the terrace. To visit this attraction, you can choose the day and colder water in the tub heated to 34 degrees, so because of the contrast between water temperature and ambient air temperature of this bath will be remembered for a long time.