/ / Aquapark Biscarrosse: photo description (AquaPark)

Aquapark Biscarrosse: photo description (AquaPark)

The town of Biscarrosse is located in the French region of Aquitaine. It is surrounded by two large lakes Cazaux and Parentis, as well as direct access to the Atlantic ocean. In the Primorsky district of the city opened resort. Even here in the thirties of the XX century functioned seaplane base, in the place which is now a Museum.

In addition to sightseeing Biscarrosse offers other activities, including active. Here there are many entertainment complexes, and water parks. One of them is called "Aqua Park (AquaPark) and it is located on the shore of the island of Kea.

Among the proposed water rides it is worth noting a variety of water slides, trampolines and swings. Visitors are also invited to jump into the water or engage in water sports: Aqua Rugby or the so-called water parkour. Moreover, it is possible to participate in team mini-tournament, or even to try to learn to walk on water!

However, you can take part in the really extreme rides - for example, slide on a rope over the water. And "a nail" programs of the Park is a giant water catapult, open only to visitors over the age of 16. "Shot" can produce one catapult and two immediately, and a similar attraction will really be remembered!

It also hosts various competitions and evening entertainment, live music, there is a program and night entertainment. And for the youngest visitors to the water Park does a real "splash" - a children's pool. The ticket price includes passage on a private sand beach.

It should be noted that, as this Park is located under the open sky, it can only be visited during the warmer months of the year, and by mid-autumn it is closed.