/ / Aquarium La Rochelle: photo description Aquarium de La Rochelle)

Aquarium La Rochelle: photo description Aquarium de La Rochelle)

In the seaside town of La Rochelle is one of the Europe's largest aquariums, the aquarium of La Rochelle. This center is home to the representatives of sea and ocean flora and fauna from the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans, the Caribbean basin and the Mediterranean. All the inhabitants here are about 12 thousand species, including large and very large predators (sharks and piranhas), jellyfish, seahorses, brightly colored tropical fish and many others.

In the aquarium it is desirable to allocate a few hours to get around all the halls, which posted 65 aquariums, totaling about three million litres of sea water. It is worth noting that in 1988, when the aquarium opened, the volume of the aquarium was six times lower and amounted to approximately 500 thousand liters. The capacity of the aquariums of the centre increased after the reconstruction carried out in 2000.

Tour of "La Rochelle" begins with "the sea bottom" - room with sea animals where visitors lowers the Elevator. In this chamber simulated the "special effects" deep water: the shade and the slight shimmer of the water. Some aquariums are made in the form of tunnels, visitors can see fish and mammals that swim on the side or directly overhead. Sometimes these tunnels are more like the hole leading to the center of the aquarium.

Separate rooms is a small amphitheater where you can sit and observe the life of sea creatures. The aquarium in this room is more reminiscent of a giant flat screen TV. In one of the halls showing the process of reproduction of marine life, a kind of "nursery" for fry.

In addition to the entertainment features, the aquarium also performs research - conduct research here, deliver lectures for students.

Aquarium La Rochelle is located in the centre of the city, next to it is another interesting attraction is the Maritime Museum.