/ / Aquarium van: photos, description (Aquarium de Vannes)

Aquarium van: photos, description (Aquarium de Vannes)

The city of van was founded in the time of Julius Caesar, that is, more than two thousand years ago. It is located in the French Department of Morbihan in Western Brittany. Apart from the preserved ancient city walls and impressive part of the medieval old town, this region also has many beautiful corners on the beach and amusement parks. In one of them, known as "Parc du Golfe", is the famous aquarium. This Park is located in the southwestern part of the city.

Here you can see the fish and other aquatic animals inhabiting both Northern and tropical seas. The aquarium is divided into sections according to geographical distribution: Mediterranean sea, Atlantic ocean, Amazon river and other major water masses of the entire planet. A separate part is dedicated to the local flora and fauna inhabiting the Gulf of Morbihan. It is worth noting that many of these animals are under threat of extinction from the face of the Earth, and so the city authorities carry out very important work trying to save these rare species of animals. This includes seahorses and cuttlefish.

"Nail" Museum programs is the Nile crocodile Eleanor, which was discovered in 1984 in the sewers of the French capital, right under the Pont Neuf in Paris. When the animal was caught by the capital's firefighters, it was less than a meter in length, it is believed that she spent in the sewage of Paris, eating sewer rats. Now Eleanor lives in Van aquarium, and to her life threatens nothing.

In addition, the Museum occasionally is the so-called "contact zoo", when some marine animals visitors are allowed to touch or even hold hands.