/ / Aquarium of Nancy: photo description (Museum-aquarium de Nancy)

Aquarium of Nancy: photo description (Museum-aquarium de Nancy)

Aquarium in Nancy is concurrently also the Zoological Museum. On the first floor there are aquariums with the inhabitants of the seas and oceans, and the second stuffed animals, birds, curiosities, a pickled mutated animals, and much more. In addition, in the courtyard of the aquarium to detect the so-called "Garden Gordon", which is planted with miniature plants.

Aquarium and Museum is located on the site of the former natural history Museum, which was founded in 1935. He is now part of the University Nancy-1. The aquarium is located in Central Nancy, close to Stanislas square.

On the first floor of the Museum is the aquarium 64, the capacity of the largest of which is 15 thousand liters. They are inhabited by about five hundred species of fish and marine animals. The longevity of this aquarium is a fish-moon, whose age is 40 years. In nature this fish lives in three oceans, except the Arctic, and in seas - the Mediterranean, Baltic, Japanese and others.

For Zoological collections, the exhibits began to gather long before the opening of the first Museum of natural history, in the XVIII century. It currently includes more than 19 thousand exhibits, including a collection of fossils and stuffed extinct animals, for example, lived in Australia, the Tasmanian wolf. For the first time, French researchers met with this animal in the wild in the late XVIII century. Today this species is considered extinct, though scientists do not exclude that this marsupial wolf still survived and lives in the dense forests of Tasmania.