/ / Aquarium AIX-Les-Bains: photo description Aquarium du Lac du Bourget)

Aquarium AIX-Les-Bains: photo description Aquarium du Lac du Bourget)

AIX-Les-Bains is known throughout France Spa resort. Part of the city located on the shores of the largest lake Bourget. The lake itself is a unique natural phenomenon, and since the nineteenth century - and even a popular tourist attraction.

On one of its coasts preserved areas of pristine nature (and the age of the lake has about 19 millennia), a special conservation area declared unique reed belt of the lake. Among the birds inhabiting the lake Bourget, there is a permanent "residents" and migrating temporary "guests". The water of the lake is rich in fish, and people adapted its shores, and water surface for recreation and water sports - boating, water skiing, sailing. On one of the shores of the lake grow two local Savoyard grape variety. And the climate of the lake in some places, the coast, even compared to Mediterranean.

The size of the lake is 18 km long and 3.5 km wide, with an area of over 44 square kilometers and the depth reaches 145 metres. The lake is surrounded by Alpine mountain massifs, and its origin is glossed over a local legend. According to her, the bowl of the lake was filled with tears of angels, which the Lord commanded to leave this beautiful place. It is possible that there is really not without the angels, as the water of lake Bourget remains the purest and now.

For more detailed acquaintance with the fauna of the lake Bourget, there was a aquarium in the pool, which is home to about 40 species of native fish. The aquarium simulates a dive into the depths of the lake, and provides the opportunity to Pat some of its inhabitants.