/ / Aquitaine gates: photo description (Porte d'aquitaine)

Aquitaine gates: photo description (Porte d'aquitaine)

In the middle of the XVIII century the mayor of Bordeaux, the Marquis de Tourny set an ambitious goal - to turn the city into one of the most beautiful in France. During the reign de Tourny was built many notable buildings, including several city gates of Burgundy, Dizho and Aquitaine, but the mayor remained a memory in the form of a square named after him, and the monument installed on it.

Only in Bordeaux, there are eight city gates, some of them were built earlier (for example, the king's gate in the XIII century or the gate Cayo earlier buildings).

Construction Aquitanica gate was conducted in the years 1748-1753, they were erected in honor of the Duke of Aquitaine, and therefore got this name. Gate is a triumphal arch with columns and a triangular pediment, which is decorated on both sides stucco. The upper part of the gate is decorated with figures of marine deities, images of sea shells and the Royal coat of arms. For the construction of the arch in Bordeaux from the quarries of Saint-Maker supplied the stone of pinkish color. The size of the opening of the gate Aquitanica be 11 by five feet.

Aquitaine gate is one of the main attractions of the place des Victoires. Another monumental structure, located on the square, the obelisk to the glory of winemakers and winemaking. This 16-metre pillar was created at the beginning of XXI century Czech sculptor. Ivan Theimer used for manufacturing pink marble and bronze, and was inspired by the myths of antiquity and the history of winemaking in Bordeaux.

From Aquitanica gate starts the busiest shopping street of the city of Saint Catherine. This street leads to place de La Comedie and the Grand Theatre, and on the way there you can visit the many shops located along the entire length of the street - she, by the way, is 1300 meters.