/ / Avenue of Stars: photos, description, Allee des Etoiles)

Avenue of Stars: photos, description, Allee des Etoiles)

Avenue of Stars near the Palace of festivals and Congress in Cannes may be one of the biggest frustrations for the tourist.

First of all, this is no alley. Imagination paints the two rows of palm trees, and between them - imbedded in the sidewalk handprints idols. But it is not so, and tourists, sometimes, a long time can't find the right place, because it look out for the alley. And it is necessary to approach the entrance to the Palais des festivals (the same one where lay the red carpet for celebrities) and look around. The space along the facade called the Esplanade Georges Pompidou, and there walled metal tiles with prints off-center and side. They seem to be a detail of the sidewalk, pedestrians walking on them, they put your merchandise of street sellers, and some tiles are not in the best condition.

"Like this is the Avenue of Stars?!" - exclaims the astonished tourist. Yes, it is.

Of course, the terminology here is also a problem. A similar place in Hollywood (the first in the world in the present series of these "alleys") is called Walk of Fame that can be translated as "path of glory", and it is closer to reality. But it is not only in the title: Hollywood track consists of a large pink star on a black background, it with anything not confuse. Cannes in comparison, looks much more modest.

It is done so. Actors, Directors and other famous members of the Cannes film festival asked to leave the prints of both palms in a clay form. Then these forms are sent in Vallauris, a small town on the French Riviera, famous for its ceramics (in the fifties of the XX century there dabbled in this art form, Picasso). In Vallauris, make plaster casts of precious prints, which are in turn sent to the foundry, located in the rhône - Alpes region. From there, steel castings, stainless, return to Cannes and set on the Esplanade Georges Pompidou. The plaster casts are stored in the Palace - just in case.

This happens since 1985 when I first opened the Cannes walk of fame 25 years later, Hollywood). During this time the sidewalk was imbedded with more than 400 prints of famous hands, including Catherine Deneuve, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Quentin Tarantino, Angelina Jolie, Sharon stone. There is a tile with the imprint of the hands of Tatiana Samoilova, a Soviet actress, in 1957, won a prize at the Cannes film festival XI "Orange tree" for the role of Veronika in "the cranes are Flying" (the film received then "Palme d'or", the highest award of the festival). Handprints samoylovoy came here in 1990.

The locals refer to the Avenue of Stars with a pinch of irony. "It's like in the US," they say with an indescribable tone and look condescendingly at tourists, for some reason, photographing fingerprints at the hands of others at his feet.