/ / Diamond house: photos, description (Maison Diamantee)

Diamond house: photos, description (Maison Diamantee)

In the old part of Marseille, just a few buildings - original buildings, and the rest was recovered in the second half of the last century. During the Second world war the area, which served as a shelter for members of the Resistance movement, suffered the most violent attacks, so many buildings it was destroyed by the Nazis.

Of the old preserved buildings the most famous are the three houses that were built in the XVI century. This building is the town hall, the house of the Consul Louis de Cabra (hotel de Cabr) and the so-called Diamond house. The former town hall and today houses the city hall, and in the Diamond house in 1967 opened the Museum of old Marseille, where you can see a large collection of works of applied art in the traditional Provencal manner, including furniture and costumes. The Museum presents the history of the city since the XVII century.

Mansion, named "diamond" was built in the late XVI century (around 1570-1576), its first owner was a wealthy merchant Pierre Cardiol later it settled the city's first mayor. Also in the mansion lived the Marquis de Castellane-Majastre, after whom Marseilles was named one of the squares. During the great French revolution the building was nationalized and turned into a home for immigrants from Italy and working port.

The name of the building received its original treatment of the stones of which is composed facade. Stones really resemble cut diamonds. The house is located on Prison street, near town hall. The mansion is a historical monument since 1925. Despite its age, the building is well preserved, inside it you can even see the detail of the original interior staircase, which was built together with the building itself.