/ / The amphitheatre of the Three Gallium: photos, description (Amphitheatre des Trois Gaules)

The amphitheatre of the Three Gallium: photos, description (Amphitheatre des Trois Gaules)

Today, the former Roman amphitheatre of the Three Gaul in Lyon is one of the city's oldest attractions, as well as a venue for concerts and a summer film festival "Night of Forvie". And in the days of the Romans here swore allegiance to the Emperor, the Legion, and arranged for the torture and executions of early Christian martyrs in the second century.

One of the most famous martyrs, who died in this arena, was a Holy Blandine. According to legend, to kill her succeeded only the third attempt - neither lions or bulls, to whom she was thrown in the cells, did not dare to torment his victim. Then the Roman soldiers had their swords. In memory of Holy Blandine in the South-Eastern part of this structure was a monument in the form of a column.

The construction of the amphitheater is defined approximately in 19 year BC. Its name he received in honor of the three Roman provinces (three Gallium), on the spot where is now modern France is the Aquitaine, Belgica and Luganskaya Gallium. Before the construction of the amphitheatre on this spot was part of the Gallic village Kondat, where they gathered to address important issues, representatives of the Gallic tribes. During the Roman reign, Lyon was called Lugdunum and was declared the capital of the three Gallium.

Near the amphitheater you can also see other attractions of the Roman era, the ancient theater, the temple of Cybele, the Odeon, the remains of the aqueduct, all these and other facilities are located in the area of hill Forever. Also located near the Museum of Gallo-Roman civilization, which presents the treasures of those ancient times - jewelry, weapons, ceremonial carriages, mosaic works, bronze table with a speech of the Emperor Claudius, bronze calendar, and other artifacts found during archaeological excavations in the historical part of Lyon.