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Angladeshi the Museum, (Musee Angladon)

Angladeshi Museum (the official name of the Museum Angladon-Dubrul) is a private Museum, which is located in Avignon in the historic hotel of the XVIII century. The Museum was created in 1996 by Jean and Flight Angladon-Dubrul, the heirs of the philanthropist and the Parisian collector Jacques Doucet. The Museum houses a magnificent collection of works of art of the XVIII-XX centuries.

Jacques Doucet was the founder of the first couture houses, which opened in Paris in the period from 1895 to 1927 in the street of La Paix. After earning major status, he became interested in collecting paintings and furnishings. He was especially attracted to works of art relating to the period of the late XVIII - early XX centuries. He also actively supported artists and helped such famous people as Louis Aragon, Andre Breton, Pierre Reverdy and others and donated to the University of Paris two collections, consisting of thousands of books and documents.

In 1958, his widow bequeathed the collection to his son Jean Dubruel, who in turn passed it on to his son Jean Angladon-Dubrul, painter and engraver. He lived in Avignon with his wife Flying Martin, who was also fond of art. Received an inheritance, the couple decided to upload some pictures in the gift of the museums of France.

The Museum is located in hotel Massilian, named after the family who lived there in XVIII century. It was built in 1694 by the architect Jean Peru. The hotel also saved pieces of furniture, elements of decoration of the first floor and a beautiful staircase.