/ / English lake: photos, description (Lac a l'anglais)

English lake: photos, description (Lac a l'anglais)

English lake located in the South-Western part of the city of Chamonix, at the very edge, also known as lake Sinclair. The second name it received in honor of its Creator - a native of Scotland, Lord Sinclair.

English lake is completely man-made water reservoir and all its attractions were also created by human hands. Lord Sinclair has bought a plot of land on which subsequently created lake in 1886. The creation of this pond Sinclair was inspired by the beauty of the lakes of his homeland. Except for the bowl of an artificial pond, at the end of the XIX century was built a small island, the grotto and the chapel in the style of the picturesque ancient ruins. Currently lake Sinclair is included in the district of Chamonix, which is the area of leisure and sport.

English lake is fed with water stream flowing from the slopes of Brevent. On mount brévent is one of the ski resorts, which is linked to Chamonix by gondola branch of the route. The station at Le Brevent is especially in demand among the extreme athletes, among which there are regular competitions of international level.

The town of Chamonix, located at the foot of Mont Blanc, of course, is a center of world skiing. But there are other, non-sporting, sightseeing: a cognitive nature (for example, crystal Museum and the Museum of the Alps) and historic-architectural monuments - Church of St. Michael and the Church of Argentiere (beginning of XVIII century), the chapel Bosson (XVII century) and Praz-de-Chamonix (40-60-ies of XX century).