/ / Antique Museum of Arles: photo description (Musee de l'arles antique)

Antique Museum of Arles: photo description (Musee de l'arles antique)

Even a place for the Arles Museum of antiquity was chosen not anyhow what, and next to one of the oldest attractions of the city - the ruins of the Roman circus, which was the venue of chariot racing. For the Museum in 1995 on the banks of the Rhone was built a modern building with an unusual triangular shape, lined with plates of blue. This architectural solution suggested Henri Ciriani.

The collection of this Museum are cultural and historical values, discovered during archaeological excavations in Arles and the surrounding area. It is known that the collection itself goes back centuries - so, at the beginning of the XVII century it was represented in the House of the commune. The city had even adopted a special document under which all found items are clearly of ancient origin had to be conveyed in this collection. In the next century items from the collection exhibited in the new city hall. Part of the collection was placed under the open sky in the city have created Gardens of antiquity, which were kept in the most ancient sculptures.

At the end of the XVIII century the location of the Museum was the necropolis Alican. In the XIX century he moved again - this time in the walls of the chapel of St. Anne. However, the Museum collection is regularly replenished, and in the XX century, the chapel could no longer accommodate the Museum collections. Then it was decided to build a new home for collection of antiquity.

In the collection of the antique Museum of Arles, you can see items Dating from several periods (prehistoric era, ancient Roman period and early Christianity. Here are sculptures, bas-reliefs, sarcophagi, mosaic works. This educational event, like a visit to a Museum of antiquity, it is easy to combine with a more pleasant - near the Museum you can have a picnic on a specially equipped Playground.