/ / Arch of Germanicus: photo, description Arc de Germanicus

Arch of Germanicus: photo, description Arc de Germanicus

Arch of Germanicus in Saintes was named after the famous General, statesman, and nephew of the Roman Emperor, who lived in the first century. His full name was Nero Claudius Germanicus Friends. Arch, erected in honor of his achievements and the glory of the Emperor Tiberius and his son Druse appeared on the territory of the Saint is also in the first century about 19 years. In the capital Santonja is one of the best preserved buildings of the Roman era.

In Saint arch is set on the waterfront, on this place it was moved from the banks of the Charente river, across which was a bridge, and the arch served as its decoration until the mid-nineteenth century. In 1843 a bridge was decided to demolish together with its unique ancient Roman jewelry. But this problem interfered with the inspector of historic monuments, prosper mérimée, who at that time traveled throughout the country and compiled a register of historic structures. He insisted on the transfer of the arch, thereby saving it for posterity.

The construction of the arch was funded by a wealthy resident of Caius Julius Rufus. On the arch you can still read the dedication to the Emperor and his family, and to the philanthropist.

The arch of Germanicus you can go down the street of the Arc de Triumph. Near the arch is the archaeological Museum, which contains other archaeological evidence of the life of the Roman city of Mediolanum, the current STE. Most of them were found in the old part of the city during the improvement works.