/ / Archangel Michael Church, (L'église Saint-Michel-Archange)

Archangel Michael Church, (L'église Saint-Michel-Archange)

Orthodox Archangel Michael Church on the Boulevard Alexandre III stands out for its remarkable architecture: easy openwork bell-tower, exquisite stone carvings.

At the end of the XIX century, Cannes became a "Russian" city: come here to rest and to heal from common at the time in Russia of tuberculosis. A resident of Alexander the Cannes Trip (wife of a local landowner) in 1886 gave at his Villa, house Church, to serve which was attended by Orthodox priests from nice. However, the house Church could no longer accommodate the parishioners. In 1893, the Confessor of Grand Duchess Anastasia Mikhailovna Archpriest Gregory Ostroumov asked who lived in Cannes of Grand Duke Mikhail Mikhailovich, to assist in the construction of a new Church.

Grand Duke vigorously got down to business: drew up a Committee, whose members contributed money for the construction. Alexander Tripp gave a plot of land 1750 square meters in one of the best areas of the city.

The construction was conducted under the supervision of Archpriest Gregory Ostroumova French architect Louis Nouveau. Laid the Foundation 23 April 1894, and consecrated the Church after only seven months on November 22. At the ceremony in full members were present city hall, he gave the temple its decision on renaming of the Boulevard, which was completed construction in the Boulevard of Russian Emperor Alexander III.

The Church was richly decorated. Donated to the temple of the great princes (Mikhail gold - plated sacred vessels, mother-of-pearl altar cross, silver censer, Sergei Mikhailovich - Church wall). Prince Golitsyn gave gold-plated filigree cross on the head of the Church, two ancient Italian icons in remarkable cases. In the list of donations - gilded chandeliers, lamps, embroidered with gold on crimson velvet shroud, vestments... not all of these gifts have survived the tough times - the crisis of the thirties, the Vichy regime, Italian and German occupation. But something remained. The Church is still richly decorated, there are a lot of icons.

The Church kept relics: the relics of St. John of Kronstadt, St. Seraphim of Sarov, Simeon of Verkhoturye. In the vast crypt is the tomb of Prince Peter of Oldenburg, who died in 1924 from galloping consumption. Here is the sarcophagus of Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich, commander in chief of all land and sea forces of the Russian Empire at the beginning of the First world war. The Church kept the uniform of Emperor Alexander II and a photo of him on his deathbed.

In 1921 it was in this Church was crowned Grand Duke Andrei Vladimirovich and the ballerina Mathilde Kshesinskaia.

In recent years around the temple played out conflict involving different groups of laity and clergy, is considered by including in the French court. Part of the parish community is gone after that in a rented Catholic Church. Tourists planning a visit to the Church, be aware that it can be closed. However, just to see her from the street - great fun.