/ / Archaeological Museum, (Musee archeologique des Carmes)

Archaeological Museum, (Musee archeologique des Carmes)

The French town of Jonzac is known primarily as a therapeutic thermal Spa. It is located in the Primorsky district of the Poitou - Charentes region, West of the centre of the country. The city is famous for its castle and other medieval buildings, churches and museums.

Proper attention is given to the local archaeological Museum, located on the left Bank of the city river dormice in the former Carmelite monastery of the XVII century. It was opened in 1978, after lengthy restoration work and is part of the cultural and historical center. Besides exhibitions, it also hosts academic conferences and symposia.

First and foremost, the Museum introduces its visitors to the history of the city, Dating back to early antiquity. The collection presents archaeological finds discovered during the excavations in the XIX century. This work was conducted in just one city, but across the region Poitou - Charentes. Museum in Jonzac and also serves as a regional centre: it tells about the natural and cultural development of this region, tourists are invited to see the various photos and documents. The activities of the Museum aims also to the inhabitants of the commune were interested in maintaining the traditions and took part in the replenishment of the Museum collection.

Part of the Museum also includes the former monastic cloister, is amazingly picturesque and recreated with historical accuracy. Visiting a Museum exhibit, take a stroll on this patio, decorated with elegant columns and arches. In the niches on the sides of the galleries you can see the old chapel, remaining from the time of your stay here sisters of the Carmelite.