/ / Archaeological Museum in the castle of Gaillard: photo description (Chateau-Gaillard)

Archaeological Museum in the castle of Gaillard: photo description (Chateau-Gaillard)

Familiarity with the history of the ancient French city of van, you can start with a visit to an archaeological Museum located in the château Gaillard. The castle was built in the XV century and is located in place Saint-Pierre.

The first settlement on the site of the modern van appeared in the I century BC and was built by the Celts, the Veneti, who were then conquered by the Romans. In the past the military port in the Gulf of Morbihan, today, van is a city with important economic value. In van-preserved medieval buildings - churches, city fortifications (walls and gates), market square de Lis and other facilities.

Castle Gaillard is notable for the fact that he was able to retain its original layout. This is built of granite, the mansion was a private property, then, in the XV-XVI centuries, was known as the Palace of Parliament of Brittany. In the XVII century the castle's owner was the Chairman of the city court of the Pierre de Ceren. From the owner of the building still retains his office, whose walls are decorated with paintings and wooden panels depicting scenes from the life of Jesus Christ and the first Christian monks of the IV-V centuries, called the fathers of the desert. This room was called the "Office of hermits".

Museum of archaeology and history located within the walls of Chateau-Gaillard in 2000. In the collection of the Museum contains paintings, works of decorative-applied art, archaeological finds.

It is noteworthy that in France there is another castle of the same name. This château-Gaillard is located in the Normandy town of Les Andelys. The castle was built by Richard the Lionheart in the late twelfth century and repeatedly became the trophy that the British, the French in the years of the hundred years war.