/ / Archaeological Museum de l daughter: photos, description (Musee de l'ephebe)

Archaeological Museum de l daughter: photos, description (Musee de l'ephebe)

Archaeological Museum de l daughter - one of the main attractions of the Spa resort of Agde, located in the South of France in the region Languedoc - Roussillon. The Museum itself is located in a seaside area of cap d'agde.

The construction of the Museum began in 1985, and two years later took place the official ceremony of its opening. He specializiruetsya on underwater archaeology to study artifacts found beneath the water. The first exhibit presented at the opening of the Museum was a bronze sculpture of the late Hellenism, discovered in 1964 at the bottom of the river Herault. It is believed that it was made in the II century ad, but some experts say that the masterpiece of ancient art is a sculptural portrait of Alexander the great by the famous sculpture of Lysippus, who worked in the IV century. In any case, the statue is well preserved and was named "the Youth of Agde". The opening of the Museum at Agde it was in the Louvre.

The Museum's collection quickly grew and now divided into several categories. The first section presented relatively modern exhibits - medieval pottery and various cargo was found in the wreck of the Royal warships and merchant ships until the nineteenth century. Another section is dedicated to ancient art: here are exhibited the Greek amphorae and other vessels, the details of the Greek and Roman galleys, ships and other vessels, as well as the old mosaic depicting a story from mythology, known as the Court Marcia. Separately exhibited bronzes: in addition to the already mentioned sculpture "the Youth of Agde", you can also see the Etruscan art. By the way, the Museum now presents two newly discovered Roman statues depicting Cupid and an unknown young man in a tunic. Both sculptures were made in the I century of our era.