/ / Archaeological Museum of nice: photo description (Musee d'archeologie de Nice)

Archaeological Museum of nice: photo description (Musee d'archeologie de Nice)

Archaeological Museum of nice, located on the Cimiez hill, a small. But if the tourist was in the area, say, for a visit to the located literally across the road to the Matisse Museum, visit the temple of archeology definitely makes sense.

The Museum was founded in 1960, initially it was located on the first floor of the Museum Matisse. In 1989, the congregation received its own building in the most suitable place for him near the excavations of the ancient Gallo-Roman town of Cemenelum. Remains of Roman wall - the first thing a tourist sees when driving up here.

In these places, civilizations have succeeded each other since ancient times: traces in the fertile land nice left Neolithic tribes, Greeks, Etruscans, Romans. The territory of Provence, the Romans won in the II century BC, Cemenelum became the capital of the province of Alpes-Maritimes. It was a large town: its population was about ten thousand people. There was an amphitheater that can accommodate five thousand spectators, and large baths. Through Cemenelum towards the basin of the Rhone was a road built by the Romans, via, Yulia of Augusta.

Zemedelska baths located right next to the Museum building and are an important part of his collection. Well seen their device: locker rooms, then the palaestra (room for exercise) and the frigidarium (room for cold baths). Practice and a swim in the cold water, the citizen passed into the warm tepidarium, and from there to the caldarium, where the temperature was maximum. Even today, the magnitude of the complex two thousand years ago to command respect - it takes about two hectares. The impressive ruins and the huge arena with a partially preserved arched walls made of broken stone on the cement.

The exhibits of the Museum you can get an idea about the life of the ancient city. Here are exhibited statues, stelae, sarcophagi, vases, dishes, tools, jewelry, perfume bottles, pins, coins. Elaborate bronze mask of Silenus and pieces of furniture were found while exploring a sunken ancient ship. Powerful stone milestones, a road signs that great age, were standing along via Yulia of Augusta - were carved on the distances to the main towns. It is curious to consider the three-dimensional model zemedelska term, restoring the complex to the smallest detail. In the Museum shop sells reproductions of vases, casts of exhibits.

The exposition on the hill of Cimiez - the main part of the Museum, which has a Playground, Terra Amata. It is located on Boulevard Carnot, on the slopes of mount Boron, and dedicated to the people of the Paleolithic era who lived on the territory of today's nice.