/ / African Museum, (Musee africain de Lyon)

African Museum, (Musee africain de Lyon)

The African Museum in Lyon - an echo of the colonial history of France, which lasted several centuries - from the middle of the XVIth century to the second half of the twentieth century.

The Museum in Lyon was opened in 1861 on the initiative of the missionary priest by the name of Augustin plank. He was the head of the Catholic organization Society of African missions" and obliged all its members to bring from trips to Africa and religious objects of applied art. Over the years missionary work in the Museum has accumulated a lot of artifacts brought mainly from West Africa - from Ghana, Mali, Nigeria, Benin. Among them you can also see objects that illustrate the domestic and public aspects of life of the inhabitants of the African continent.

Currently, the Museum in Lyon is recognized as Europe's oldest Museum representing African culture. The Museum is private and has an area of over 750 square meters. The Museum's collection holds several thousand items, of which more than two thousand presented in the permanent exhibition. Among them are religious sculpture wood and metal, national clothing, jewelry, items, giving a mystical values (amulets and charms), masks, instruments and tools - for example, a machete and scales of Golden sand.

At the end of XX century the Museum for several years, was closed for renovation. The new Museum was opened in January 2001. Today it also hosts exhibitions about the lives of contemporary Africans.