/ / Basilica of the Abbey of St. Vincent (Vincent): photo, description Basilique Saint-Vincent de Metz)

Basilica of the Abbey of St. Vincent (Vincent): photo, description Basilique Saint-Vincent de Metz)

The history of the Abbey of St. Vincent has more than a thousand years. The first religious building has stood on this site in the second half of X century, it was a small chapel. Then the local Bishop Theodoric First decided to build a monastery, where he placed he brought with him from Italy the relics of two saints Vincent and Lucia, who was martyred for the faith. Lucius and was known for his miracles of healing, and her remains were directed huge flows of pilgrims, as the Holy I hang Lucy the patron Saint considered not only the blind and the poor.

Three hundred years later the Abbey of St. Vincent was not only an influential monastery, and a recognized center of education in the Duchy of Lorraine. In this regard, it was started the reconstruction and expansion of the monastery, the construction of new, larger buildings to replace the old. So in the middle of the XIII century were demolished monastic Church, however, the new one was built only a hundred years, but later building has survived to the present time. Work on the redevelopment of the Abbey was built over several centuries, and in the second half of the XVIII century, the Church had a facade, which combines parts of the three orders - the Corinthian, Ionian and Doric, and built two Gothic revival arches.

During the great French revolution, the period of creation in the life of the Abbey ended, and began a short period of its destruction - until 1803 in the Church were stables and then the temple was returned to the Church. But the Abbey remained busy secular agencies Lyceum Faber, tobacco factory, the Commissariat, and others. In the XIX century, the Church got stained glass Windows done by the city master Laurent-Charles Moreshal, as well as sculptures of saints Vincent and Lucia and bas-reliefs with scenes from their lives.

In Metz the Church is located on the island of Chamber, currently she is not acting.