/ / Basilique Notre Dame de nice: photo, description Basilique Notre-Dame de Nice)

Basilique Notre Dame de nice: photo, description Basilique Notre-Dame de Nice)

Basilique Notre Dame de nice is the largest Church in nice and one of the most striking urban landmarks.

The spectacular building of the Catholic Church in neo-Gothic style with two square towers with a height of 65 meters, pointed arches and a huge window, the rose looks very impressive. Now, after the recent restoration, the Basilica is white with gold-tone accents looks elegant and festive. Before she was in grey tones, which are stronger emphasized its Gothic character. Not every tourist will be able to determine that the temple was built not in the middle ages, and between 1864 and 1868 years.

This style was selected for the Notre-Dame de nice is not accidental. In 1860 occurred the annexation of nice by France, and the Church built after the annexation, had to show the city now stands on French soil. Gothic was given to understand it could not be better.

In those years here in the outlying district of nice, which has now become a centre, not enough temples. Bishop Jean-Pierre Sola, who saw the needs of the inhabitants of nice and its visitors, constantly coming for the winter, asked for the money for the construction of the city hall, but was refused - the city was going to build the station. Then the Bishop appealed for help to the famous Paris priest, father Alexander Lavino, who organized the fundraiser. Foreign colony in nice responded with enthusiasm, and she began to hold charity bazaars. Many donations were received from the French.

To work on the project, hired architect Charles Lenormand. Temple came out similar to both the Notre Dame de Paris, and the Cathedral of St. Maurice in Angers. However, on the facade of Notre-Dame de nice, in contrast to these councils, only two statues both depict the virgin Mary (the Church dedicated to Her assumption). For a lavish decoration of the facade of the money collected still not enough.

In the interior deserve special attention magnificent stained glass Windows, made by the best French masters of the XIX century, the copy of the picture Bartolome Murillo the Holy Family and the virgin Mary statue in the chapel. In the Church excellent acoustics, it regularly hosts concerts for the public.