/ / Basilica. Clotilde: photo, description Basilique Sainte-Clotilde de Reims)

Basilica. Clotilde: photo, description Basilique Sainte-Clotilde de Reims)

Basilica of St. Clotilde in Reims was named after the second wife of king Clovis I, who lived in the V century. Thanks to her persistent requests and persuasion Clovis converted to Christianity and was baptized with the Holy Remigium. The exact date of baptism is not established, but presumably the Ordinance was administered on the day of Christmas or on the day of his resurrection in 496 year. In 1898 was celebrated the 1400 anniversary of the adoption of Christianity by Clovis and to this date, and were built the Notre-Dame Basilica.

Saint Clotilde was the daughter of the Burgundian king Chilperic II, who was murdered by his own brother Gundobad. His two daughters, Crown and Clotilde was exiled. Becoming the wife of Clovis, Clotilde repeatedly tried to persuade her husband to adopt her religion. Clovis loyal to religion and the couple was even allowed to baptize their children. The death of the first son soon after his baptism made him angry, but the second son also was baptized, and he, despite his illness and thanks to the prayers of his mother, survived. However, the decisive fact in the acceptance of Christianity by Clovis became not all the events in the Royal family, and his victory over Alemanni in 496 year. The biographer of Clovis, the Bishop Martin of tours wrote that the king during the battle with Alemanni called pagan gods in which he believed, and God of his wife, and promised in case of victory, to accept her faith.

The wife of Clovis, Clotilde of Burgundy after his death was canonized for his contribution to the spread of Christianity in Europe. Dedicated to her Basilica in Reims was built by the architect Alphonse Gosset, who chose for her late neo-Byzantine style. The architect was inspired by the best examples of this style - the Church of St. Augustine in Paris and St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.

In the crypt of the Basilica of St. Clotilde stored 120 of the ark in which the relics of two thousand saints venerated in France. In Reims the Basilica is located in the eponymous square in the quarter of St. Anne.