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Basilica. Martin ene: photos, description Basilique Saint-Martin d Ainay)

Basilica. Martin Lyons is a working temple, which history, perhaps, began in the V-VIII century. That is the approximate age of the sarcophagi-like graves of the Merovingian, which was found under one of the chapels of the Basilica.

First found in documents mention of religious structure located on the site of the Basilica, date back to the IX century - then here was a monastery, and before the sanctuary. To date, the Basilica is a whole ensemble of buildings in different architectural styles - from the Romanesque style main building to the flamboyant Gothic style of the late one of the chapels, named in honor of St. Michael.

If the appearance of the main building may not seem too interesting, there you can see quite a remarkable and unusual decorative elements - these include the capitals of the columns in the side corridors and in the choir. One of these sculpted scenes depicts Adam and eve, holding the answer to the Lord after the fall, and the sculptor managed to convey not only facial expressions but also a different degree of remorse for each character. On the West wall of the baptistery you can see another remarkable sculptural painting. Some of its details have faded, but you can recognize another illustration of the biblical story of the beheading of John the Baptist. This tympanum was created in the XII century, but inside the Basilica of St. Martin for some reason was only after seven centuries.

Basilica Saint Martin is located in the southern part of Lyon, in the quarter-ene, close to the Perrache train station. The status of a Basilica of this the temple was in the beginning of the XX century. It is believed that St. Martin is the patron for business and promotes success in business.