/ / Basilica. Martin of tours: pictures, description Basilique Saint-Martin de Tours)

Basilica. Martin of tours: pictures, description Basilique Saint-Martin de Tours)

In the Tour you can see two churches, named after St. Martin of tours. However, one of them, whose history began in the V century with a small chapel over the tomb of the Saint, but today only two towers and the ruins are on private property. The second temple - the current Basilica, its construction was started in the second half of the XIX century near the location of the former Church.

St. Martin died in 397 the year in the village of Kanda during the prayer, was buried in the city cemetery Tour, and the body of the Saint was secretly removed from the candidate of his fans. 40 years later the grave was built a small chapel, which in four decades has been replaced by the Basilica. Until the end of the XVIII century the temple was damaged by the fires, suffered the damage during the Huguenot wars, several times restored and reconstructed, and even constructed a residential area of Chateauneuf.

The greatest damage caused to the Basilica of the revolutionaries in the French revolution the Church was first adapted for horses, and then destroyed. To prevent possible recovery, destroyers laid at the spot where he stood, two new streets. From the temple there were only two towers of Charles the Great (Charlemagne), under which are buried his wife Hildegarde, and Clock. The studies of the remnants of the temple and its ancient plans, the researchers found that the first Church Martin of tours had a lot in common with the appearance of the Church of St. James in Santiago de Compostela.

The construction of the new Basilica began only in the late nineteenth century after it was discovered the burial of the Saint and the cleared site over it. In the new temple, the tomb of Martin of tours were under the altar. The project author was the architect Victor laloux. Work on construction of the new Basilica was completed in 1902.