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Basilica. Michael: photos, description Basilique Saint-Michel)

The bell tower of the Basilica of the Archangel Michael, located in Bordeaux, is among the tallest religious structures in the world. Its height is almost 115 metres. The temple itself, for the most part, was built with funds donated by parishioners. One of the mysteries of the Cathedral is found at the site of the former cemetery of the mummies buried here.

The Basilica is located on the area of Menard, a mile from the Cathedral Saint-andré, near the bridge Pont du Pierre. The construction of this temple was conducted from XIV to XVI century, and, as often happened in the Middle ages, as the location for its construction has been selected before then the Church. For the construction of the Basilica the architect was appointed by a Royal decree - it was Jean Loeb. First was built a new choirs, and in the year 1466 in the unfinished building began to hold services with the participation of the congregation. In the XVI century, when the work was completed, the Cathedral looked like a real sample of the style of "flaming Gothic" and had a free-standing bell tower.

In the middle of the XVIII century part of the spire of the bell tower was destroyed by an earthquake, its restoration was carried out by the architect Paul Abadie, but in the second half of the nineteenth century. During the Second world war was the lost part of the stained glass images of the Cathedral. Their place was taken by the work of max Ingrina - masters of glass and decorator, was awarded the Legion of honor. The stained glass Windows of Ingrina also decorate the cathedrals in other cities of France, Rouen, Toulouse and Strasbourg.

The story of the mummified remains occurred in the eighteenth century, when during the landscaping works at the square was accidentally dug up several graves around the Cathedral was once a cemetery. Preservation of bodies tried to explain the peculiarities of the local soil, but the rumor gave this story a mystical tone. Until 1979, these remains were exhibited in the underground crypt of the Cathedral, but then they were reburied in a different cemetery.

The end of XX century Basilica as one of the cathedrals on the pilgrimage way of St. James, a UNESCO world heritage site.