/ / Basilica. Serina: photo, description Basilique Saint-Seurin)

Basilica. Serina: photo, description Basilique Saint-Seurin)

The Basilica of Serina is one of the oldest religious buildings in Bordeaux. The temple was built in the VI century and at the re-consecration after renovation was named in honor of the patron Saint of the city, who during his life was the fourth Bishop of Bordeaux. The Basilica is located on the square of the Martyrs of the Resistance, a kilometre from the Cathedral Saint-andré.

The Basilica of Saint-serine was built on the site of the cemetery, in the IXth century were destroyed during the invasion of the Normans, and then in the XI-XII centuries, restored and rebuilt. Many architectural elements of the temple appeared in this period. The Basilica of Saint-serine was recognized as an example of the Romanesque style with elements of new Gothic - building a strict form decorated with stucco ornaments and sculptural paintings depicting scenes of the last judgment and of Bible characters. Next to the portal you can see the statue of St. James with a staff in his hands. The Basilica of Saint-Serin in the Middle ages was one of the temples lying in the path of pilgrims to the relics of St. James, and stored in the Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela. In 1998, the temple was included in the UNESCO world heritage site and a national historic monument received much earlier in 1840.

In the underground part of the temple - the crypt is now a Museum of the origins of Christianity. In the crypt are preserved of the Christian necropolis, including marble sarcophagi mirovinskog period and ancient frescoes. Here lies the remains of the Holy Serine. Also, this Museum houses a collection of amphorae and a Gallo-Roman capitals. In addition, the local legend says that in the crypt may be stored and the horn of Roland - the hero of the French epic, who died in the year 778 in the battle with the Saracens in Roseville the valley and before his death trubetskogo the horn, calling for help.

Because of its excellent acoustic characteristics of the temple is a regular venue for concerts of organ music and choral singing.