/ / Basilica of Saint-Clotilde: pictures, description Basilique Sainte-Clotilde)

Basilica of Saint-Clotilde: pictures, description Basilique Sainte-Clotilde)

Basilica of Saint-Clotilde (St. Clotilde), located a few hundred meters North-East from Les Invalides, is the only neo-Gothic Church of Paris, built relatively recently, in the XIX century. The unusual shape to give her a sharp Gothic spires-Gemini, rising to a height of about seventy meters.

In 1827, the municipal Council of Paris decided to build in this place the Church of St. Charles and entrusted the project to architect Jean-Nicolas Guyot. Work began only in 1846 under the leadership of the Cologne architect Franz Christian Gau, who gave the building neo-Gothic features.

The stone for the Church was transported from Burgundy. In the course of construction it became clear that the towers could not withstand the weight designed the Gothic spires - they had to do below. In 1853 a sick Gau resigned, closed his young assistant, Theodor watch online.

The Church has the shape of a Latin cross. Two two-story Gothic towers rely on powerful buttresses. Inside the Basilica pay attention to the sculptures of Jean-Jacques Pradier Francis and Joseph Dure, marking the standing way of the Cross. Good also perfectly preserved stained glass Windows of the XIX century.

In 1857 the Church was consecrated in honor of St. Clotilde, the second wife of the Frankish king Clovis I. Saint Clotilde is one of the key figures of the ancient history of France. Under the influence of his beautiful, intelligent and deeply religious wife of Clovis not only baptized himself (probably in 496 year), but also acted as the Baptist of the country. Today the Holy Clotilde is venerated in Catholicism and Orthodoxy - it protects widows, the outcasts, foster children and brides.

Two years after the consecration of the Church it was set on the works of famous masters of Aristide kavajë-Kohl. For thirty years, until his death, organist here was one of the greatest composers of the nineteenth century césar Franck.

In 1896 there was a big event to commemorate the 1,400 th anniversary of the baptism of Clovis I, Pope Leo XII assigned the Church to the status, privileges, honours and insignia of a minor Basilica.