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Walk through time and discover: photos, description (a balazuc)

Walk through time and discover a small village in the ardèche Department. It is recognized as not only the most beautiful in Ardèche, but also included in the list of the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". The village is home to more than three hundred people.

The village was incorporated on steep mountain slopes, and the center of her life, support and protection was the castle walk through time and discover built as an Outpost by order of the count of Toulouse. He and some other buildings were built in the XI-XIII centuries. During these three centuries was built the local Church of St. Mary Magdalene, dated XIII century, the ruins of an ancient chapel. By this time, one of the surviving fortified buildings. Decoration of the village is a large stone bridge.

The narrow winding streets of the village, walk through time and discover compare with a labyrinth. But this layout of the village was forced, another protective measure. The winding street was to hinder enemy advancement on the captured village and give residents the chance to leave, walk through time and discover, or to hide in its surroundings.

Except Blazyca, in the ardèche region are several picturesque ancient villages, including known as the most beautiful in the country. These include, Vogue eponymous castle, which is now the Museum of the town of Aubin, by Saint-Laurent Church of the XVII century and a large farmer's market, Mirabel is not very popular among tourists and therefore the most quiet and unfrequented, Lyabi - venue festivals of classical music and theatre.