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Barium: photos, description (Bargeme)

In the Department of var village Barum located above the other, at a height of more than a thousand meters above sea level. Barium included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France" is a tiny commune, which is home to less than two hundred people, but it retains the spirit of the middle Ages and Provence atmosphere. Nearest settlements are Draguignan and comps-sur-Artube.

The village Barium have survived in the same form in which was four centuries ago. Its main attraction serve as the ruins of a medieval castle. It was built by the Sabran family-Pantev in the XII century as a fortified fortress. According to local Chronicles, the castle was destroyed during the religious wars, but not Huguenots or Catholics, but by the villagers, who thus avenged a tough, greedy and not particularly righteous Lord by the name of Jean-Baptiste de Pontev. Himself Jean-Baptiste was killed. The hatred of the peasants to him was very large and even extends to his descendants: the grandson of Jean-Baptiste, who took his place in the castle, was also killed, and the crime was committed during Sunday Mass, at the altar. For the redemption of the local population in the early seventeenth century in Barreme was instructed to build a chapel and consecrate it in honor of the mother of God.

In this century, the castle became municipal property. Its territory is preserved fortified gate and watchtower and other buildings are ruins.