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The barfleur: photo description (Barfleur)

The barfleur is a commune located on shore of the Strait of La Manche, in the Manche Department of lower Normandy region. Closest to Buhler the city of Cherbourg.

This small town is the third beauty of the French countryside. In the history of the Barfleur entered as the port from which in the XI century ship with William the Conqueror on Board went to conquer England.

In addition to the successful launch of the English campaigns of William the Conqueror, the Barfleur also known as the wreck of the ship with the heir to the English throne Prince William on Board. The accident occurred in 1120. And at the end of the XVII century near the shores Bahler there was a major naval battle with the ships Anglo-Dutch fleet, which ended with the defeat of the French side. In the years of the hundred years war and a couple of times after the Barfleur was burning big time, but, in General, managed to maintain its ancient atmosphere, quiet and cozy town. It attracts guests to the Barfleur, and not the sights, of which there is little.

The local attractions include memorial sign that marked the fact and place of departure of the Duke of Normandy into England, the Church was built in the XVII century and consecrated by the name of St. Nicholas, the garden of the Augustins and the courtyard St. Catherine. Every year in August in the Church festival of classical music. Look Bahler form, mainly in the home, built in the XVII-XVIII century and is decorated in one color: black granite foundations, white walls and dark shutters covering the Windows.

In the Middle ages Barfleur was one of the major ports of Normandy, and its inhabitants were engaged in the construction and repair of ships and fishing. The latter remains one of the main occupations of buhlertal. The main local delicacy is recognized as oysters, whose leaves are an unusual pale Golden shade.

Resting in Balflare you can go on a boat excursion on the English channel, visiting the beaches, located near the city, and visit the lighthouse Gammill one of the highest in the country, its height is 68 meters.